My dearest reader,

Things tend to come more easily to my mind when I write a letter. Besides, letters, to me, are the sort of text that best express the vulnerability that is so much a part of me, my strength. A letter is a safe space. I am Merel van Erpers Roijaards.. Welcome to my world.

My intuitive practice results in a body of work that uncovers questions about gender, identity, fashion, religion, handcraft, ritual, and folklore. The works, varying from performance to installation, to masks and wearable pieces, are always centered around the human body.

I have deep love for costumes and theater. I love camp. The abject is an ever recurring theme, which can in ways be related to my love for camp as well.
As said earlier, the human body is central.
Queerness, to quote Bell Hooks: ‘queer as being about the self that is at odds with everything around it and has to invent and create and find a place to speak and to thrive and to live.’

Tactility. A very important element to me. There is nothing like feeling a material slip through your fingers, slowly and carefully being knitted into existence. Hands weave dreams. From my fingers seep works of ceramics, textile in every form, and latex.

Photography and space. Lately, in the scenographic side of my practice, focus has shifted to space. Space as a storyteller, space as a holder, space as safety.
Photography is one tool I have discovered that helps to create worlds, spaces, for my (wearable) pieces to exist in.
Letters offer to me a safe space.
Public space. In looking for alternatives for the white cube, I found that the city is my playground.

All my love,